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Volume 6


Title Author Pages
Editorial: Why you should publish in JoTTER - an editorial addressed to current PGCE students Keith S Taber p i
A critical investigation, using approaches drawn from case study research, into how Year 13 students’ understanding about language variation is developed through the study of accents and dialects in Britain Jun Bo Chan 001-028
 Teaching resources: A case study investigating year 9 pupils’ opinions
and that of their teacher with regard to teaching resources in art
Marty Devine 029-072
Child led learning beyond the Early Years Foundation Stage :Year 3 pupils’ perspectives on the ‘Learning Zone’.  Ilona Smith 073-106
A critical exploration into the effects of task-based learning upon a year 10 French class of demotivated students: an Action Research project Anna Tindall 107-136
A study into the philosophical ideas of young children on the topic of gender Hannah Bryant 137-176
A critical investigation, using approaches drawn from case-study research, into how dramatic techniques and the use of media might enhance Year 10 students’ understanding of character in Steinbeck’s 'Of Mice and Men' C. Mary Currie 177-204
A case study of the use of the mathematical register by Year 8
students: a critical analysis of teaching strategies that can be employed to encourage this use.
James Robson 205-228
A critical investigation into the use of texts to encourage meaningful dialogue in religious education: A case study of year eight students studying miracles Daniel Dennis 229-272
A critical investigation of the effect of thick level descriptors on progress: A case study with Year 8 students studying Buddhism Kenichi Udagawa 273-356
Children's perceptions of the use of computers as a play-based activity in Reception Cecilia del Corso 357-393
Marks. Set. Go?’: Pupils’ perspectives on ability groupings in relation to academic self-concept and self-efficacy. Laura Shaw 394- 438
A critical investigation into how Year 8 students’ learning about ‘travel writing’ can be developed through films and photographs Katie Kibbler 439-466
A case study investigation into the impact of a task-based language approach on the cultural learning of four year 8 students in a high attaining French class

Isabel Pante 467-492