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Volume 9


Title Author Pages
Editorial:Approaches to teacher classroom enquiry Keith Taber p i- 1v
‘I want to challenge myself’:the use of Self-Regulatory techniques to enhance Self-Efficacy in a Year 7 science class Julia Burns 001-038
Equality of Opportunity: differentiating for students in a non-setted year seven music class Hedydd Edge 039-072
“Let’s look at the whole elephant before we begin to measure its tail”*: the effect of emphasising qualitative reasoning in aiding conceptual understanding in a Year 12 physics class Callum Farnsworth 073-106
Can you even fall in love with yourself?”:using music and drama to enable all students to access Latin literature Emily Rushton 107-140
A critical analysis of how Knowledge Organisers and Recall Practice can be used to facilitate learning. An Action Research project of Year 7 pupils studying cells and organisation Nathan Smailes 141-190
Talking together: exploring the impact of Group Talk activities on the confidence and attainment in speaking German with a Year 8 class. Deborah Eills 191-230
“You run about, saying ‘woof woof’!”:Reception Children’s Perspectives of free flow Niamh Lawton 231-256 
‘This might sound silly but...: a critical investigation into how creative use of poetry teaching supports students’ learning of a curriculum set novel Olivia Marsh 257-286
“I liked the bit where her nose got bit off...”: A critical examination of the effect of studying a medieval French fairy tale on a low-attaining Year 7 French class Melissa Berrill 287-322
“You can understand what the words actually are”:a critical investigation into how far film and drama can be effective in developing Year 8 students’ understanding of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Olivia Soutter 322-352