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Volume 12


Title Author Pages
Editorial: Does the Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research exemplify what is wrong with teacher preparation? Keith S. Taber 000
An analysis of how the introduction of a lottery-based token reinforcement system impacts upon behaviour in a Year 7 mathematics lesson Benjamin Pickles 001-034
A case study inquiry into how dialogic practice influenced Year 7’s understanding of Britishness Jake D. A. Shepherd 035-064
Queering the English Classroom: could Year 9 students’ learning about Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice be enriched by studying its LGBTQIA+ themes? Matt Simpson 065-090
Exploring teaching strategies to promote mathematical resilience in a Year 10 set 4 mathematics class Hannah Smith 091-114
A case study exploring how Year 7 pupils’ understanding of India can influence their conceptions of place Megan Thorpe 115-146
‘From passive object to active subject’: A critical investigation into how use of feminist criticism empowers students in their study of Shakespeare’s Othello Bethan Davies 147-174
Using Exegetical Techniques to Improve Biblical Literacy Among GCSE Students: A Critical Investigation and Analysis Ryan Comins 175-200
An investigation into how high-attaining Year 9 students’ understanding of grammar is affected by contextualised grammar teaching Georgina Thorpe 201-226
Collaborative learning and moral reasoning in the Religious Education classroom. A case study of a year 8 class
Thomas Breakwell
Sampling composition: how Year 12 music technology students use sample-based processes to compose electroacoustic music Callum Bates 257-290
“Does what and how I read have an effect on my learning across the curriculum?”: An exploration of year 4 pupils’ perspectives on independent reading Liam Connolly 291-312
Moments of mindfulness: exploring pupils’ perspectives on short daily mindfulness activities and their potential effects on the classroom learning environment Victoria Evans 313-338
Embodied aspects of intercultural pragmatic competence:investigating the effects of using authentic video-based materials on confidence, fluency and accuracyin a Year 10 mixed-attainmentlanguage class Wendy Archer 339-376
A critical analysis of how the use of diagnostic questions as formative assessment probes can enhance teaching and learning in Year 8 lessons on infectious diseases Katherine Webb 377-420
Investigating the Effect of Using Modern Language Vocabulary Teaching Strategies on the Recall and Application of Scientific Vocabulary with a Year 7 Class: A Case Study Proposal Joshua Uttley 421-448
Confidence vs Correctness: a  study of how assessment for learning (AFL) impacts confidence and attainment in a Year 10 chemistry class studying Collision Theory Kate Rose Charnley 449-480
“All the world’s a stage”: Using drama to develop the motivation and speaking skills of pupils in a Year 9 French class Rabeka Zafar 481-506
A case study exploring the types of knowledge year nine students need to work effectively with similarity and difference as a concept when learning about the Holocaust William Mason 507-544
The Power of ‘Yet’: A small-scale study looking at how positive verbal feedback influenceschildren’s attitudes towards their learning Kirsty Hensleigh 545-570
“As clear as night and day”. Using models to aid students’ conceptual understanding of space and the Solar System in a Year 8 science class Andrew Derrett 571-608
‘Material Culture’: exploring a range of strategies that seek to enhance Year 7 students’ intercultural awareness through the communicative lens of Textile Design Maya Dunn 609-642
Using 'ORBIS' software to explore ancient geography: an action research project with a Year 8 class in an independent school
Anya Morrice 643-668
How do authentic materials representing LGBT+ identities impact on the learning of a high attaining Year 10 group studying French? Natasha Crosby 669-698
Exploring whether gender affects pupils’ perspectives on outdoor learning Jeff Beh 699-730