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Volume 3


Title Author Pages
Editorial: Developing personal and public knowledge about education p i
My ideal teacher is….: Teacher gender preferences in Year One and Year Six Children Jason Lang 001-030
Children’s Awareness of Learning and Knowledge: a study of Year 3 pupils’ perceptions of the knowledge they need and how it is acquired Amy Dawe 031-062
Pupils’ Perspectives of the Purpose and Value of Collective
Worship: A Case-study of 10-11 Year Olds in a Faith-school Context
Elizabeth Rutherford 063-092
High-Attaining Year 7 and Year 10 pupils' conceptions and learning of proof: A critical analysis. Christopher Payne 093-158
Bridging the Gap: a study to enhance the learning of extra-curricular musicians within a mainstream year 9 music classroom Elizabeth Walsh 159-220
A critical investigation of whether grouping students by gender affects participation in discussion-based learning: a case study with a Year 8 class studying death' Leonora Dowley 221-242
The use of signing with hearing children as a means to communicate and manage behaviour: A study into the perspectives of children in a Year 2 classroom Amy Mottley 243- 286
Barriers to learning: exploring the relationship between year 5/6 pupils' attitudes towards intelligence and how they cope with challenge Rosanna Smith 287-326
'Does age matter?' - A study of Year 6 and Year 2 perspectives on learning Modern Foreign Languages as a new subject. Laura Whitwood 327-360
Book review of ‘Teaching Teenagers: A Toolbox for Engaging and Motivating Learners’, Warren Kidd and Gerry Czerniawski, SAGE Publications, 2011 Christopher Payne