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Volume 1


Title Author Pages
Editorial: Trainee teachers and educational research - an inevitable combination Keith S Taber p i
The impact of pupil-set targets on achievement in speaking: An Action Research project involving a mixed-sex Year 9 German class Jenny Turner 001-034
Testing Latin Literature: a case study into the variety of ways to assess pupils in appreciation of Latin literature without focusing exclusively on language Alex Smith 035-082
The confluence of methods: A case study investigating the benefits of fieldwork to year 12 students studying rivers James Mutton 083-106
A Case study on the impact of a one-week Spanish exchange trip on the attitudes and productive language skills of four Year 8 pupils Karen Forbes 107-152
Yawning Sixth Formers: An action research project examining how we can move beyond passive learning in sixth form teaching of case studies in urban management Keith A J Hicks 153-194
A Critical investigation , using approaches drawn from action research, into how Year Nine students' creative storytelling can be stimulated through the use of multi-modal texts Caroline Greaves 195-218
A critical analysis of how focussing lessons on How Science Works affects learning and motivation in year 10 lessons on space: and action research project. Simeon K Dry 219-270
Increasing pupil use of the target language through creative and cross-curricular contexts- an action research project focusing on a mixed top set Year seven French class Jennifer Morgan 271-310
A Critical Investigation, using approaches drawn from action research, into how Year 9 students' learning about the novel' Stone Cold' is developed through Speaking and Listening activities and Drama Work Joanna Healy 311-346
Book review of "The Behaviour Guru: Behaviour Management Solutions for Teachers," Tom Bennett, Continuum , 2010 Jenny Turner
Book review of The "Secondary Reflective Reader ", Martin Fautley and Jonathan Savage & Martin Fautley. Learning Matters, 2010 Judith Philip