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Volume 11


Title Author Pages
Scientific personal epistemology of students aged 11-12: A case study Jamie Linale 001-048
'The concept that dares not speak its name': Can we rehabilitate 'empathy' as a disciplinary concept by re-theorising its curricular goals and value to pupils in light of the 'cultural turn' in history? A theory-seeking case study with Year 9 exploring the experience of a soldier in the First World War Alexander Benger  049-078
“Mark it yourself, it’s good for you!” A case study examining the impact of self-assessment on student learning and motivation in a year 12 physics class studying energy James Moore 079-116
An exploration into Year 4 pupils’ perspectives surrounding how their parents help them to learn Elinor Galvin 117-142
Does using sign language in science with hearing Year 8 students reinforce learning of key vocabulary, whilst affecting motivation and enjoyment of science? Sarah Barrett 143-180
Building students into the Roman narrative: using drama to immerse students in Roman life as presented within the textbook. An action research project with a Year 9 Latin class in a mixed independent school Benjamin George 181-204
Investigating Talk in Year 9 Group Composing: A Case Study Catriona Bourne Swinton Hunter 205-236
A critical investigation, using approaches from action research, into how far using multimodal approaches to teach Shakespeare can support differing levels of cultural capital within a class Beccy Talmy 237-268
The Language of Biology: Does the introduction of language-learning techniques in Year 12 biology lessons increase students’ understanding in areas that are cognitively demanding due to high quantities of technical vocabulary? Jaya Tamber 269-306