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Volume 13


Title Author Pages
Editorial: Becoming a teacher in an age of uncertainty: lessons from our Cambridge PGCE trainees Haira Gandolfi 000
Reading for ‘pleasure’? An insight into pupils’ perspectives on reading Elsa Cullen 001-026
A study of primary school pupil perspectives on the implementation of role play in their lessons Eleanor Trefusis 027-052
Pupil perspectives on classroom spaces: A proposal for research into how year 3/4 children interpret the physical environment of their classroom Emily Williams 053-078

A recipe for success? Pupils’ perspectives on Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
Hannah Snow 079-102
What role does a ‘sense of place’ play in pupils’ ability to construct large-scale historical narratives? An investigation into the ability of Year 9 pupils to narrate the history of the Cambridgeshire Fens Joshua Mellor 103-130
Encouraging creative composition through use of extra-musical stimuli: A critical evaluation of a Year 7 class making programmatic music on GarageBand
Isabel Mastrolonardo 131-162
Resilient Rhino: A Study of Year 2 Pupils’ Perspectives on Intellectual Risk Rachel Hutchinson 163-186
To what extent does the use of metacognitive strategies support Year 12 physics students’ learning of thermal physics? Alasdair McNab 187-234
A critical analysis of the benefits and problems of shifting in and out of mathematical register in a Year 9 class Elizabeth Morland  235-268
“Once upon a time…”: A proposed case study of pupils’ perspectives on Reading for Pleasure in Year 5 and 6
Chloe Miles

Moving beyond exposition: an action research project exploring the extent to which Year 10 students’ appreciation of context might enhance their understanding of, and response to, poems studied for GCSE English Literature Pieta Dalglish 291-320
“Just… the thing you get at the end”? A Case Study examining Student and Teacher Experiences of Assessment in Art and Design in a Year 11 GCSE Class during the Covid-19 Pandemic  Robin Sukatorn 321-354
Learning the World As Well As The Story: Applying 'Worldmaking' to the study of Greek Literature. A case study in an examination class in a boys' grammar school William Christofi 355-383