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My ideal teacher is…: Teacher gender preferences in Year One
and Year Six children

Jason Lang

(PGCE Early Years ) 2010-11



This study investigates whether or not primary-age pupils have a preference when it comes to the gender of their class teacher, and, if there is a preference, whether or not it is for a teacher of the same gender as themselves. It begins by critically analysing the prevailing literature regarding gender preferences, before reporting upon a small-scale research study conducted with Year One and Year Six children in a Cambridgeshire primary school. Through analysing sample drawings and one-on-one interviews, it delves into the reasons behind any pupil preferences and compares the results across the two year groups. The findings reveal the substantial influence of stereotyping over younger children, resulting in the Year
One children’s preferences being predominantly led by own sex bias. While the Year Six children are principally led by their past experiences and raise an important distinction; seeing the qualities of a teacher first, before the teacher’s gender.

Copyright: © 2011. This paper is copyright of the author. (Please read the Journal's copyright information page by using the menu to the left of this page.)

The full paper is available for download as a pdf file:001-030-langj.pdf

Citation: Lang, J. (2011) . 'My ideal teacher is…: Teacher gender preferences in Year One and Year Six children' Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research, Volume 3, pp.1-30. (Downloaded from, [date of access])