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“You run about, saying ‘woof woof’!”:Reception Children’s Perspectives of free flow

Niamh Lawton

(PGCE Early Primary, 2016-2017)



The implementation of free flow provision in Foundation Stage settings is supported by evidence of a positive impact of independent learning on development as learners (Whitebread & Coltman, 2008). This study aimed to examine the relationship between children’s enjoyment of free flow and its impact on independent learning development as well as which aspects of free flow children enjoy the most. Participants took part in a semi-structured interview which also involved drawing and discussing their own drawings. The results displayed a positive relationship between independent learning and enjoyment of free flow. Participants’ preferences during free flow support previous findings for increased learning development: play (Timmons, Peletier & Corter, 2015), a secure environment (Whitebread & Coltman, 2008) and being outdoors (Waller, 2007).

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The full paper is available for download as a pdf file : 231-256-lawtonn

Citation: Lawton, N. (2018) 'You run about, saying ‘woof woof’!”:Reception Children’s Perspectives of free flow.' Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research, Volume 9 pp 231-256  (Downloaded from, [date of access])