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Child led learning beyond the Early Years Foundation Stage :Year 3 pupils’ perspectives on the ‘Learning Zone’.

Ilona Smith

PGCE Primary, 2013- 2014)


This case study focuses on the use of the ‘Learning Zone’ in Key Stage 1 of  a particular school, and pupils’ perspectives on whether or not this should be continued into higher years. It explores the ideas of play, independence and choice in this context, and the potential benefits of these beyond the Early Years, by which time it is phased out in many schools. Ethics and methodology are also considered. Using both questionnaires and interviews, it is shown that pupils vary widely in their opinions, with extremes on both sides. This highlights the importance of consulting asmany pupils as possible with regards to proposed changes within the school.  Finally, a review of implications for future practice is given.

Copyright: © 2014. This paper is copyright of the author. (Please read the Journal's copyright information page by using the menu to the left of this page.)

The full paper is available for download as a pdf file: 073-106-smithi

Citation:. Smith, I . (2014)  Child led learning beyond the Early Years Foundation Stage : Year 3 pupils perspectives on the 'Learning Zone'. Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research, Volume 6 , pp. 073-106.