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Pupil perspectives on silence: the roles and meanings
of silence in the classroom

Clare Deans

(PGCE General Primary, 2011-2012)



This study aims to answer two key questions. Firstly do children perceive silence to have an influence on their learning? Secondly, what are their reasons for being silent in the classroom? Amongst rich evidence and
research that encourages talk for learning, these questions focus attention on the purpose of silent time in the learning environment. Specifically,children's individual perspectives on silence for their learning are
considered. In addition, the range of reasons for silence in the classroom is explored which can help inform teachers’ understanding of these silences in the learning space.

Copyright: © 2012. This paper is copyright of the author. (Please read the Journal's copyright information page by using the menu to the left of this page.)

The full paper is available for download as a pdf file : 195-234-deansc

Citation: Deans, Clare. (2013) '.Pupil perspectives on silence: the roles and meanings
of silence in the classroom'  Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research, Volume 4 pp.195-234 (Downloaded from, [date of access])