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Singing in School: A Study of Year 4 Pupils’ Perspectives on Singing for Pleasure and Learning

Henrietta Lucy Shaw

(General Primary PGCE, 2021-2022)



Many adults find the thought of singing anywhere outside of the shower simply daunting. However, from observation, children seem far keener to take the opportunity to sing in all sorts of scenarios. Indeed, research suggests its application in primary schools – inside and outside of lessons – can provide benefits for children, in both their wellbeing and their learning. Focusing on the transition between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and to provide the most useful comparisons with previous literature, this proposed case-study aims to investigate Year 4 pupils’ perspectives on singing in school for pleasure and for learning. A questionnaire will provide quantitative data at a whole-class level, followed by a semi-structured interview with six children selected by stratified random sampling. The latter will further our understanding of their perspectives through open-ended questions and qualitative responses.

Copyright: © 2023. This paper is copyright of the author. (Please read the Journal's copyright information page by using the menu to the left of this page.)

The full paper is available for download as a pdf file: [pdf] 105-132shawh

Citation: Shaw, H. L. (2023). Singing in School: A Study of Year 4 Pupils’ Perspectives on Singing for Pleasure and Learning. Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research, Volume 14 pp. 105-132.