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A study of Year 6 pupil perspectives on home learning following the COVID-19 lockdowns

Hannah Lyden

(PGCE General Primary, 2021-2022)



The COVID-19 lockdowns shifted the space for education primarily to children’s homes, and research has shown this emphasised and exacerbated the importance of the home learning environment (HLE). However, there is minimal research consulting children’s perspectives of home learning, as parents and teachers are usually the voices sought. This small-scale case study proposal seeks to explore how pupils in Year 6 conceptualise their learning at home during and since lockdowns. Data will be obtained through questionnaires, interviews and a drawing task to establish a holistic understanding of children’s experiences of home learning. Emphasis is placed on a comparison between pupil premium eligible pupils’ experiences with those who are not, as research reveals an association between familial social-economic status (SES) and children’s academic attainment.

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The full paper is available for download as a pdf file: [pdf] 001-026lydenh

Citation: Lyden, H. (2023). A study of Year 6 pupil perspectives on home learning following the COVID-19 lockdowns. Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research, Volume 14 pp. 01-26.